What's the goal?

HippyGhosts is a platform for creators with the Hippy spirits. The ultimate goal of us is to provide a platform for creators to collaborate with each other easily on complex tasks, and we will also provide them AI-assisted tools to make their work easier.

While building this platform, we plan to release 9999 HippyGhosts NFTs in May 2022. In addition to having some gameplay features, HippyGhosts and some partner NFTs will serve as passes to the creators' platform. 1500 community supporters will be able to purchase them during pre-sale, and the remaining spots will be open for public sale. As the community’s first NFT series, holders will not only have priority in our future projects, but also will get more benefits in our future products than the NFT series released afterwards.


Old School? Classic!

Pixel style HippyGhosts are very classic, but we will bring more. The 3D version is already in production, and will follow by a variety of conceptual styles. Of course, the team will not rush to launch a new series, but for each new series, we’ll not only ensure the production standard, but also create some experimental innovation in the mechanism.

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