Stage I:
Ghosts Have Soul

Hippy Ghosts are not just simple PFPs, in addition to the images, we will give intelligence to your Hippy Ghosts on the Hippy Ghosts website, each Ghost will be given soul and individual character.

1. We will teach the Hippies style lyrics to Origin Ghost and have him sing the song to the rest members of the Ghostverse. Different Ghosts have different components, and our AI can easily deduce their personalities from their clothing or accessories. Based on these personalities, the Hippy Ghosts will create their own Hippies lyrics and write them on their business cards that are temporarily available on our website.

hp_soul_01 hp_soul_02 hp_soul_textbubble note_01 note_02 splash_01 splash_02 splash_012

2. Hippy Ghosts will learn to talk to their owners after the previous stage, at first these conversations may be somewhat similar, but as they become proficient in human language, their personality will influence the way they speak. You can communicate with the Ghost you own, from curiosity about his identity, to the minutiae of their own lives, they will learn, and try to become friend who can talk about everything. As your Ghost becomes a mapping of you in the metaverse, it can interact with other Ghosts to acquire more sociality.

hp_gourpghosts hp_soul_textbubble2 hp_soul_skull hp_soul_heart hp_soul_textbubble2 Hola

After the 3D version of Ghost is finished, we'll make the dialogue more interesting, we'll try to make them really talk, with expressions, voices, and souls.

hp_gourpghosts hp_soul_textbubble2 hp_soul_skull hp_soul_heart

Stage II:
One Ghost, One World

When we talk about Ghostsverse, we're not thinking about a VR world without an ETA. We have already started working on some applications in this metaverse, a fun and simple web game and a novel. These products are also experimental project for the creator platform.

We designed the novel platform to support novels with multiple perspectives and endings , and if you want to see the whole picture of the novel, you will need to log in with different Ghosts (which Ghosts will see which endings may be up to the holder to try).

And for the game, when a player logs into Ghostsverse with their own Ghost, they will use a character associated with that Ghost in the game. Players can access different characters and skills in the game by holding and logging in with different Ghosts.

This is just the beginning, the above two applications are just our examples, we will continue to make some interesting experiments and products, but also slowly open up, we will use the previous proceeds to encourage people in the community to add a variety of applications for our community, especially applications with multiple perspectives.


Stage III:
NFT Apps?
Creators Platform!

In Stage III, we'll do two things: the first is to create more and more interesting NFTs, and the second is to provide easier development tools for the creators in Community (in the process, we will do some special experiments with AI).

The project operators will concentrate on playing the role of the manufacturing sector of the economy, concentrating on providing the raw materials for the whole system, while the community creates different apps, both games and contents, like the service sector of the economy. Just as the manufacturing and service industries in the real economy promote each other, an NFT with more content will provide more possibilities for the service industry, bringing more users and making more profits for the service providers. And more services will not only provide liquidity, but also the value of our NFT. That’s how the community will continue to grow.

hp_coin hp_coin hp_coin hp_coin hp_coin

What is the Hippy Ghosts, by then?

When you have a Hippy Ghosts, yes first of all, you have a PFP avatar, a lovely jpg :)Like many other good penguin long-running projects, the ghosts will get better and better appearances, and when you have a HippyGhost, you have a piece of upgradable art.The ghost has their own personality, and when you have a Hippy Ghosts, you have a friend you can interact with, or if you're lucky, you've found one that represents you in Web3.The ghosts has his own world, when you have a Hippy Ghosts, you have a parallel universe belonging to the HippyGhost, a separate perspective, a special world.